Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Glimpse of Magic

It was a beautiful summer day in May, the apple trees were blooming and the sky was blue. We had rented an AirBnB in the midst of postcard Hardanger, a fabulous old wooden house with grass on the roof and several smaller outhouses. The view to the fjords was amazing. 

We were sitting outside the little outhouse, taking in the beautiful landscapes and enjoying the warmth of the sun, when we suddenly noticed how the colors were somehow more intense, suddenly vibrating a little. I felt a waviness in my body, a wave that was somehow present around me as well, as if I was picking up on and tuning in to some energy field. There was a beauty to it that was hard to describe with words. What was this..?

Still trying to grasp and describe in thought or words this intensified beauty, I turned around and looked at the outhouse behind me. It had an old door made of solid wood, and as I was looking at it, the door slowly came to life, the hundred years of life that it had in it came out through the patterns and texture of the door, as it was connecting with us.

I looked up at the sky, which had a couple of bright white clouds on it. I noticed that the clouds were swaying a bit on the sky, back and forth, as if saluting me into their world. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I laid back on the grass and sank into the spectacle that unfolded in front of me. It was strikingly clear to me that the clouds were immensely enjoying the opportunity to finally connect with some of us humans, to show us the fullest beauty that they were capable of putting at display. They were reaching out for me, playfully dancing in the sky, inviting me into their world. It filled me with intense bliss, a beauty beyond any imagination, and it humbled me to tears because I knew that this was God playing with us.

There was a waterfall at the end of the property, with trees and bushes and another little outhouse next to it. The trees and bushes were swaying together in a dance, and the cliff joined into it, and the flowers on the grass in front of it, even the grass and small bushes on the rooftop of the little outhouse, all of them dancing to the rhythm of the wind and the water. It was the same wave that was flowing through my body, a wave of life and of magic. They were somehow capable of showing us all their magic, connecting with us, inviting us in. All I could do was to watch in awe.

I turned to look at him while we were talking, his face bathed in sunlight. As he was talking, I could see all the faces of mankind since the stone age unfold across his face in the flash of a few seconds. Fierce warriors, painted faces, fiery eyes and armor. His eyebrows would turn to colorful feathers, and his face transition into human and animal hybrids. I knew that I was being shown something fundamental about the human soul, about our history on the planet and our connectedness to the earth.

I walked onto the flowery field towards the main house, and the earth felt incredibly soft, warm and welcoming under my bare feet. The apple trees were reaching out for me, inviting me to dance.
Everything was so spectacularly beautiful and alive that it was hard to move. Wherever I looked I was filled with bliss, amazement and a feeling that God was in everything, everywhere. The grass, the rocks, the houses, the trees and flowers - God was showing us the maximum potential of beauty in its creation, showing how everything is alive and breathing, a magical world where there is only beauty and where God is the most powerful force of good.

We eventually made our way into the old house and, what a house!!! It was mocking us for having been out there for so long when it was so amazing in there. It made me laugh out loud as I realized the house was right in being so confident about its own awesomeness. The soul of the house was pouring out of every room and into the hallway where we were standing. We walked up into the living room and into the depth of the house. The wooden ceiling danced for us, and the beautiful furniture was inviting us to stay. My feet were getting cold, and I was putting on some heavy wool socks I had, but somehow I only found one sock, and somehow it didn’t matter at all. I was just sitting on the floor there, one sock on and one off, enjoying the experience. We got into the sofa with the beautiful purple pillows and just melted into it.

We were talking about things that made perfect sense, we had a complete understanding of each other, as we melted in and out of a surreal world where new dimensions were added, and time was twisted in mysterious ways - there was simply no way of estimating or thinking about time anymore. In this other dimension, ideas and concepts were conveyed in images that were displayed to me when I closed my eyes.

It was impossible to get anything done. Simple tasks like going to fetch cheese from the fridge would be initiated a number of times before we finally carried through with it. We’d get distracted each time by some interesting view or idea or feeling, and completely forget about the cheese until much later - or who knew how much later? Time was bent!

Somehow in this world there was no room for vanity, no room for ego. It was obvious that the only thing that mattered was to be present in the moment, and enjoy the intense beauty of the planet that we live on.

As the waves of magic drifted off and got more distant, the intensity waded off, we were looking out at the night sky and the land on the other side of the fjord. We felt a slight sadness that it was leaving us, and we were talking about the wonders of the day, when suddenly the heavens melted into the land and the sea in front of us, playfully saying goodbye, reminding us that the magic is always there. We just have to look.


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